This page is for a growing list of resources including guided audio meditations, video and written practices.

Guided audio meditation practices in the soundcloud playlist below:

BodySensing: Whole Body Mindfulness and Relaxation (MP3) - Direct Audio Download>>

Mindfulness of Breathing: A guided audio meditation to help develop attention, focus and clarity (MP3) - Direct Audio Download>>

Healing Mentor / Role Modeling Meditation with breathing exercises (MP3) - Direct Audio Download>>

Equanimity Meditation (MP3) - Direct Audio Download>>

Not sure where to begin? Try the playlist below.

Written meditation practices below:

PDF - Raising your childlike self (right click linked text to download):  This is an experimental meditative practice recommended for advanced meditators for raising and liberating your childlike self, reflecting on the life span and continuing on in the world as a powerful and wise human. - See more at:


Coming Soon!

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