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Christine has studied with and  been influenced by the following teachers and mentors:
Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D.

I am currently studying with Joe at the Nalanda Institute in New York, where he is the founder and guiding teacher. He is also a Psychotherapist and faculty member at the Weill Cornell Center for Integrative Medicine and the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies. He has taken on the immense task of translating the path of Tibetan Buddhism into the language of Western Psychology. I get the honor and privlege of spending bi-monthly sessions with him asking questions and soaking up his incredible teachings.

He has written a pivotal work contributing to the intersection of Tibetan Buddhist Practice and Western Psychothepgy called "Sustainable Happiness". Please visit the Nalanda Institute library page for more articles.


Jigme Lodro Rinpoche

Born in1969 in Golok-Dhome, Tibet. Chakshul Tulku Sangye Lodro and Doctor Gyarong Samdup Gyatso recognized him as the reincarnation of Genyen Dharmata, said to be the server of the sixteen principal arhat disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha as well as a realized master from the Alasha Monastery at Five Peaked Mountain in China, only three months after his birth. He focuses his teachings and empowerments on the Dzogchen tradition.

Jigme has a way of teaching that cuts right through illusion. His pithy and clear style has greatly helped in my understanding of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The first time I encountered him he stressed the importance of compassion above all else. This advice has served me well. I have been lucky to receive many teachings and empowerments from him. Read more...


Yogi Lama Acharya Gursam

Lama Gursam went to monastery at a very young age, received teachings as a monastic, and studied and practiced as a monastic. Then Lama Gursam went to study in Tibetan University Sarnath, Varanasi, India to get both bachelors and masters degrees in Buddhist Philosophy, History, and languages. Upon graduation he received a special award for scholastic achievement from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Lama Gursam is one of the first Tibetan teachers I encountered as I started to study Tibetan Buddhism. A powerful teacher who dedicates time to retreat and to his students. Attending a retreat style teaching with him is a transformative experience. Lama Gursam's Website...


Other important teachers and influences:
Khenpo Drimed Dawa

Founder and teacher at the Awam Institute

Dr. Miles Neale

Teacher and co-founder of the Nalanda Institute. I do not get to spend time with him like I do Dr. Loizzo, but his teaching style is clear, concise and powerful. You've got to love the guy who coined the term, "McMindfulness". Website

Fabio Andrico

Every once in awhile you meet someone who is just cool to the core. Fabio is kind, patient and an excellent yoga teacher. Yantra Yoga Site

Andrico began his yoga career in the mid-seventies, when he studied Sivananda Yoga during a trip to India. In the following years, Andrico was exposed to many different yoga traditions. He ultimately met his teacher, Dzogchen Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and had the rare opportunity to learn the Tibetan tradition of Yantra Yoga directly from this lineage holder.

Richard Miller PhD

Founder of the Integrative Restoration Institute. I had the great opportunity to study his approach to Yoga Nidra, a tool for relaxation and deep meditation that I use to this day.

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