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  • Person-centered
  • Compassionate
  • Radical
  • Transformative

We live in an amazing time where ancient practices blend well with the findings of neuroscience and psychology. I would like to use the tools and insights of these ancient practices to help you:

  • Access your own resources.
  • Uncover your true nature.
  • Transform destructive emotions.
  • Live a life of radical acceptance and courage.

Past practices and coping that once served the purpose of protecting us from further trauma, often become obstacles to our present happiness as well as interfere with our functioning in relationships and community.

When caught in the cycle of stress and / or trauma we build a narrative that involves blaming of others and / or shaming and blaming ourselves. By seeing the contributing factors of chemistry, genetics, evolution, thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, culture, family and society and by taking responsibility for changing the things we are capable of changing, we begin to successfully navigate suffering.

Our true selves lie beneath all of these obstacles and stress informed reactions as bright, clear and spacious. While these qualities within our core are ever-present, we often need support in learning how to access them. Imagine moving from a stress reactive way of coping to a way of being that reflects this luminous core (your true nature).

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